Metabolic Testing for Weight Gain

We specialise in intelligent weight management through metabolic testing. Muscle growth is hard to achieve. Time and time again people don't succeed in their goal because they simply do not eat enough.

Why have a metabolic test for weight gain?

Your resting metabolic rate is one of the most crucial factors affecting your daily calorie output. In order to gain muscle there are two things required: muscle stimulation through the correct training; and a calorie surplus. Your metabolic rate will be used to calculate your required calorie intake in order to be in that surplus.

Muscly man pulling weights

Building muscle is very hard

How is the test done?

Oxygen consumption is directly related to calorie burn. All you have to do is breathe into a mouth piece for 12-14 minutes. The air you breathe out is analysed to determine exactly how much oxygen your body is consuming. Once the test is complete we will know exactly how many calories you are burning each day, so now we will know how many you need in order to achieve your goal.

What results will I be given?

Depending on what you are looking to achieve there are a number of different packages available:

  • Option 1. Is a 30 minute consultation consisting of a full analysis of your unique metabolic profile and your results will be explained to you on how your body is performing.
  • Option 2. Is a 1hr consultation consisting of a full analysis of your unique metabolic profile and results reading. We will look into your eating habits and lifestyle to identify where improvements can be made. We will talk to you in detail about the calorie content of food, cooking and training methods in order to get your body to function as best it can and achieve your goals.
  • Option 3. If there are groups interested in availing of these services, discounts are available. We have done a lot of corporate events to date, where companies have had all their employees tested, which also benefits the employer.

Where can I avail of these services?

Health Matters HQ is based in Westpark Fitness in Tallaght, just off the M50 at exit 11. Full use of the facilities are available here. If you are outside Dublin, or would be interested in Health Matters travelling to you then please get in touch (minimum numbers will apply). Numbers will be determined by location and access to power and basic amenities will be required.

Day of testing

In order to achieve the most accurate results you will be required to adhere to certain criteria prior to your test:

  • NO Food, Tea, Coffee or any other stimulants to be consumed (which includes cigarettes) 4 hours prior to your test (Water is fine)
  • NO exercise at all on the day.

* No portable card facilities are available on the day so payment will be cash. Prior to testing payment can be made via Paypal or Bank transfer. Please contact us for more details

** Please note we require a minimum 24 hours notice for cancellation in order to avoid being charged. Cancellation within this timeframe will result in you being charged 50%. Cancellation within 12 hours or a no show will result in you being charged in full. Extenuating circumstances will of course be considered but please call us to let us know as soon as possible.

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