Health Matters is delighted to include anthropometry as part of our overall service to athletes.

Anthropometry is the scientific procedure of acquiring service anatomical dimensional measurements such as lengths, breaths, girths and skinfolds of the human body by means of special equipment.

The measurements are those which are routinely taken for a variety of purposes such as body fat analysis, monitoring athletes, tracking growth and development and linking physical activity and nutrition to changes in body size, shape and composition. Measurements which are known to be predictive of health status in the general population are also included.

Each consultation takes about 30 min and the data collected will include Stretch stature, Body mass, 8 skinfolds, 5 girths and 2 breadths.

This is a standalone service now available to individuals and clubs both in and out of Dublin. It can also be carried out in conjunction with Vo2 and metabolic testing.

Day of testing

In order to achieve the most accurate results you will be required to adhere to certain criteria prior to your test:

  • NO Food, Tea, Coffee or any other stimulants to be consumed (which includes cigarettes) 4 hours prior to your test (Water is fine)
  • NO exercise at all on the day.

* No portable card facilities are available on the day so payment will be cash. Prior to testing payment can be made via Paypal or Bank transfer. Please contact us for more details

** Please note we require a minimum 24 hours notice for cancellation in order to avoid being charged. Cancellation within this timeframe will result in you being charged 50%. Cancellation within 12 hours or a no show will result in you being charged in full. Extenuating circumstances will of course be considered but please call us to let us know as soon as possible.

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